Avanti Hospitals to Pay $8.1M to Settle False Claims; Whistleblower to Get $1.6M

Posted: 01/30/2019  browse the blog archive
Avanti Hospitals to Pay $8.1M to Settle False Claims; Whistleblower to Get $1.6M
Los Angeles-based Avanti Hospitals LLC (Avanti) and six of its owners will pay the federal government $8.1 million to settle claims that they violated the False Claims Act by submitting, or causing Avanti’s subsidiary, Memorial Hospital of Gardena (Gardena Hospital), to submit false claims to the Medicare and Medicaid programs for medical services referred by a physician who received kickbacks and other improper payments from Gardena and other Avanti affiliates, the U.S. Department of Justice announced last month.
The government alleged that the payments from Avanti, Gardena Hospital and at least two other Avanti affiliates to a high-referring physician violated the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Physician Self-Referral Law, commonly known as the Stark Law.  The Anti-Kickback Statute prohibits offering, paying, soliciting, or receiving remuneration to induce referrals of items or services covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and other federally funded programs.  The Stark Law prohibits a hospital from billing Medicare for certain services referred by physicians with whom the hospital has an improper compensation arrangement.  Both the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law are intended to ensure that a physician’s medical judgment is not distorted by improper financial incentives and is instead based only on the best interests of the patient.
The settlement announced resolved allegations that Avanti, Gardena Hospital and at least two other Avanti affiliates provided compensation to a physician they engaged as a medical director that (1) exceeded fair market value for his services, and (2) was an attempt to incentivize him to refer patients to Gardena Hospital.  
Avanti and Gardena Hospital have also entered into a corporate integrity agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG). 
The settlement partially resolves allegations originally brought in a lawsuit filed under the qui tam, or whistleblower, provisions of the False Claims Act by Dr. Joshua Luke, the former C.E.O. of Gardena Hospital.  The act permits private parties to sue on behalf of the government for false claims for government funds and to receive a share of any recovery.  The government may intervene and file its own complaint in such a lawsuit.  Dr. Luke will receive approximately $1.6 million from the federal government.
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