Our Legal and Investigative Team

At The Chanler Group, our legal team is dedicated to furthering our clients' goals through exceptional legal advice and advocacy. Our attorneys and paraprofessionals are passionate about the important work our clients undertake on behalf of the public and are committed to obtaining the most favorable results possible.

Among private law firms, the Chanler Group maintains one of the largest investigative staffs in the United States, consisting of auditors, privately licensed investigators, and others extensively trained in the testing of consumer products for hidden toxicants. The Chanler Group currently maintains a staff of more than thirty professionals and para-professionals whose function is primarily investigatory in nature in its offices on the east and west coasts.

Senior Investigators have over three years of experience within the firm performing Proposition 65 investigations and possess a mastery of their specialized area of work. Senior investigators have an intermediate understanding of all phases of the investigation process and assist with training junior level investigators. All senior investigators are encouraged to apply for a private investigator license.

Junior Investigators have successfully completed training for their area of specialty and demonstrated the ability to complete each step in those processes. Typically, a junior investigator will have six months to three years of experience performing Proposition 65 investigations within the firm.

Cliff Chanler founded his public interest law firm in 1991 to pursue his passion for environmental justice and to fill the void created by the government’s failure to enforce various consumer protection laws.  Cliff has served as lead... read more
Bernice Dea joined The Chanler Group in 1995 and is the director of investigation.  She directs, manages, and oversees all investigation staff and investigation tasks related to alleged Proposition 65 violations on behalf of the firm's... read more
Lindsey Cady is a legal assistant at the Chanler Group who works closely with attorneys and paralegals at all stages of litigation.  Ms. Cady assists with the filing and service of legal documents and supports senior staff with managing legal... read more
As a paralegal at The Chanler Group, Eleanor Chen-Ranstrom oversees the firm’s legal support staff and is responsible for the legal calendar, case management and legal billing systems.  Since joining the firm in 2007, she has worked... read more
Douglas Cheung joined The Chanler Group in 2010 and works in the investigation department performing intake and quality control duties.  He is knowledgeable in almost every aspect of the investigation process.  Mr. Cheung earned his... read more
Victoria Hyde joined The Chanler Group in 2005 and manages multiple divisions within the investigation department, including field investigations, intake, and custody of evidence.  She helped develop the process and chain of custody through... read more
Gregory Lau joined The Chanler Group in 2015 as evidence tracker and warehouse management. He is responsible for the safe storage, handling, and tracking of thousands of pieces of evidence, many of which may contain chemicals known to the state... read more
Caroline Liang joined The Chanler Group in 2004 and is the firm’s investigation manager.  Ms. Liang has many years of experience within the firm handling and overseeing Proposition 65 investigations, as well as an advanced... read more
Michelle Ma joined The Chanler Group in 2011 and currently works in the testing division of the investigation department. She has assessed the toxicity of hundreds of products, ranging from bags to apparel to painted ceramics and glass. She is... read more
Steve McClintock joined The Chanler Group in 2007 and is a senior field investigator who is responsible for developing investigation field plans for the firm.  He is also involved in researching and analyzing consumer products for toxic heavy... read more
Edwin Rhodes joined the Chanler Group in 2015 as a legal assistant.  Mr. Rhodes maintains the firm’s case management system and prepares materials submitted in support of motions to approve negotiated settlements, contested fee... read more
A significant number of additional staff of The Chanler Group has remained unlisted on this page for privacy reasons related to the firm’s investigation practices.  Also, please be advised that some of the listed staff’s names... read more