Recent 60-Day Notices

In the area of Proposition 65 litigation, The Chanler Group represents citizens of the State of California acting in the interest of the general public to promote awareness of exposures to toxic chemicals in products sold in California and, if possible, to improve human health by reducing the levels of hazardous substances combined in such items.  After conducting an extensive investigation into an alleged violation, The Chanler Group’s clients serve a 60-Day Notice of Violation on the alleged violators with copies served on the requisite public prosecutors pursuant to California Health & Safety Code § 25249.6 et seq. (Proposition 65).  The Notices identify the products causing the exposure, the alleged routes of exposure to the chemical at issue, and the types of harm potentially resulting from such exposure. 

Based on the allegations set forth in a Notice, the citizen enforcer intends to file a citizen enforcement lawsuit against the alleged violator unless that violator enters into a binding written agreement to: (1) recall products already sold or undertake best efforts to ensure that the requisite health hazard warnings are provided to those whom have received such products; (2) provide clear and reasonable warnings for products sold in the future or reformulate such products to eliminate the exposures; and (3) pay an appropriate civil penalty based on the factors enumerated in California Health & Safety Code § 25249.7.  Neither The Chanler Group nor the citizen enforcers can: (1) finalize any settlement until after the 60-day notice period has expired; nor (2) speak for the Attorney General or any District or City Attorney who received this Notice as they consider whether to prosecute the matter itself.

All of the notices below are still within the 60-day notice period.

60 day notices - recent

Notice Datesort icon Defendant Plaintiff Chemicals
06/28/2018 Sea Eagle LP; Crow’s Nest Restaurant; Harbour Services, Inc.; Crow’s Nest Restaurant Moore Lead
06/27/2018 Punita Group, Inc.; Pilot Travel Centers LLC Vinocur DEHP
06/27/2018 Neogen Corporation Held DEHP
06/27/2018 Matthew Warren, Inc.; MW Industries, Inc.; Century Spring Corp. Vinocur DEHP
06/27/2018 La-La Imports LP; Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 RGGD, Inc.; Grocery Outlet Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company; The Scotts Company LLC Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Southern Marketing Affiliates, Inc. Englander DEHP
05/31/2018 Steren Electronics International, LLC; Black Point Products, Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Associated Leisure Products, Inc.; Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Held DEHP
05/31/2018 Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.; Walmart Inc.;, Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Master Nursery Garden Centers, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Leon Max, Inc.; The TJX Companies, Inc.; Homegoods, Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 LB Marketing, Inc.; Best Buy Co., Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Bardwil Industries, Inc. Wozniak Lead
05/31/2018 Berkshire Fashions, Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Boss Holdings, Inc.; Boss Tech Products, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Carson Optical, Inc. Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Channel Craft & Distribution, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Creedence Holdings, LLC; Winco Holdings, Inc.; Winco Foods, LLC Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Dramm Corporation Moore DEHP
05/31/2018 Home Products International, Inc.; Home Products International - North America, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Idea Nuova, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Idea Nuova, Inc. Vinocur DEHP
05/31/2018 Alliance Sports Group, L.P. Vinocur DEHP