Grant Proposal Guidelines

1. Organizational Information

a.      Summarize the organization’s history and objectives.

b.      State the organization’s mission, goals and values.

c.      Summarize current programs and activities.

d.      Describe any recent accomplishments.

2. Purpose of the Grant

a.      Describe the proposed project and the needs/problems it addresses.

b.      Identify the target population/geographic area served. How will you reach this community?

c.       Explain the outcome and community benefit this project will deliver.

d.      What are some of the challenges to this project?

e.       Outline the key staff and volunteers’ qualifications and experience critical to the project.

 f.       Provide a project timeline.

g.       Provide a project budget.

3. Evaluation

a.       Describe the evaluation plan and methods used to measure and evaluate the project.

4. Attachments

a.       Copy of current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.

b.      Staff list: Please include position titles and employment status (full-time, part-time, volunteer). 

c.       Board of Directors list: Please include affiliations, tenures, and terms. What percentage of the Board of Directors financially supports the organization?

   d.      Organizational financial statements: Please include financial statements from the last two fiscal years (audited if possible) and current operating budget for the organization (expenses and income).

e.       List of other funders and/or potential funders: Please include amounts committed or requested for the specified project.


To apply, please email your application to