The Chanler Group Releases List of Furniture with Undetectable Levels of Carcinogenic Flame Retardants

Posted: 11/21/2013  browse the blog archive

The Chanler Group, an environmental law firm, has published a list of furniture products that contain no detectable levels of tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCPP) and tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP), flame retardants known to the State of California to cause cancer.

TDCPP and TCEP leach from contaminated products and affix to dust, placing small children, toddlers, and infants at an increased risk of exposure via inhalation and/or ingestion.  Dermal contact with the contaminated components also presents exposure to these toxic chemicals in adults and children alike.  The Chanler Group generates and provides this list to raise consumer awareness for those concerned about the health hazards affiliated with exposure to these toxic chemicals and who are also interested in toxin-free furniture products.  As noted by ABC News, over one third of all couches in the United States contain these toxic flame retardants.

 “Consumers deserve to know which products contain toxic chemicals so they can protect themselves and their families,” said firm founder Cliff Chanler.  “We are publishing this list as a public service to assist consumers seeking to avoid carcinogenic flame retardants in their furniture.”

Below is a partial list of products tested by The Chanler Group, which laboratory test results reflect no detectable levels of TDCPP and/or TCEP contained in the components examined:

  • Trend High Chair, by Baby Trend, Inc.
  • Big Joe Dorm Chair, by ComfortResearch, LLC
  • Luvable Friends 2 in 1 Baby Carrier, by Babyvision, Inc.
  • Contour Memory Foam Leg Pillow, by Contour Products, Inc.
  • Nojo Reversible High Chair Cover, by Crown Crafts, Inc.
  • Kidz World Raiders Recliner, by D.I.A.S., LLC/Kidz World

This product list is not intended to promote one product over another; rather, it affords concerned consumers with alternative furniture choices in their efforts to provide a toxin-free home/office environment.  A complete listing can be found at

The Chanler Group represents citizen enforcers and whistleblowers to promote awareness of toxic chemicals found in our everyday environment and to enhance the health of the general public by advocating for the removal of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm from consumer products and the workplace.   For more information, visit