Chanler Right to Know Lawsuits Nab Chinese Corporations— at Corporate Crime Reporter

Posted: 12/12/2013  browse the blog archive

Excerpted from full article at Corporate Crime Reporter:

The agreements require the Chinese companies to reformulate every product at issue to eliminate DEHP and to pay civil penalties totaling as much as $65,000, 75 percent of which will go to the State of California to protect and enhance public health and the environment.

“A factory in China does not make products just for California,” Chanler said. “They make products for the entire United States and globally. So, if you get a commitment to take lead paint out of a children’s toy, then you are pretty sure that is going to impact in a positive way the children’s toys being sold in the other 49 states. And I would venture to guess it would also impact the toys sold to many other countries, although I have no statistics or other evidence to support that.”

“Recently, our clients have settled with three Chinese companies where they have agreed to reformulate the products to eliminate the known toxicants. That’s a direct commitment with a Chinese company that is enforceable through a special tribunal in Hong Kong.” link to source