TCG Client Anthony Held Serves Six New 60-Day Notices of Violation

Posted: 09/10/2013  browse the blog archive

Anthony Held, a client of The Chanler Group, served six 60-Day Notices of Proposition 65 Violation yesterday.  The notices were served to companies offering products such as pillows, hand tools, and pet carriers for sale in California containing chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm, without the required health hazard warning.  Held alleges that the companies' products contain the phthalate DEHP and the heavy metal lead (Pb).  DEHP and lead are known to cause birth defects and reproductive harm.  Some of the noticed companies include Best Buy, Ethical Products, and CSS Inc.

See below for a partial list of notices.


Product Chemical Alleged Violator Citizen Enforcer
Pliers with Vinyl/PVC Grips
DEHP Best Buy Co., Inc. Held
Pet Carriers with Vinyl/PVC Components DEHP Ethical Products, Inc. Held
Vinyl/PVC Pillows Pb Kaltex Home, Inc.; Revman International Inc. Held
Pliers with Vinyl/PVC Grips DEHP CSS Inc. Held


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