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Since its inception, The Chanler Group and its clients have tirelessly researched and analyzed consumer products for the presence of detectable levels of heavy metals, phthalates, and other toxins. Over the last two decades, The Chanler Group’s clients, acting as citizen enforcers on behalf of California consumers, have filed hundreds of Proposition 65 notices, and pursued lengthy litigation in an effort to secure reformulation commitments for these  products from their sellers and manufacturers. The Chanler Group’s clients continue to closely monitor these industries to ensure the health and safety of all California residents.

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Format: 2019-03-21
Format: 2019-03-21
March 27, 1992
Methylene Chloride
Consent Judgment
In the enforcement action Environmental Defense Fund v. Tru-Test Manufacturing Co., the Honorable Stuart R. Pollak of the San Francisco County Superior Court entered a Consent Judgment on March 27, 1992.  In this matter, the not-for-profit organization Environmental Defense Fund (“EDF”), represented by Cliff Chanler, alleged that the defendant Tru-Test...