Asbestiform Fibers in Crayons

Asbestiform Fibers in Crayons

Both asbestos and any talc that contains asbestiform fibers are known carcinogens. Both were eliminated from children’s crayons in 2000 and 2001 in large part due to citizen enforcer Michael DiPirro, who uncovered the harmful chemicals in several brands of children’s crayons and pursued the manufacturers of these products until an agreement was reached to eliminate the use of asbestos and talc containing asbestiform fibers in them. 

Crayons are a staple art supply found in virtually every school and household with young children.  Upon learning that children in California were being exposed to crayons containing asbestos, as well as to talc containing asbestiform fibers, The Chanler Group’s client took swift action to notify the manufacturers of such crayons regarding their violation and brought actions in state trial courts to hold the companies accountable. 

In one such action, DiPirro v. Dixon Ticonderoga, Co., Mr. DiPirro obtained a stipulated judgment whereby Dixon Ticonderoga agreed to reformulate its crayons so as to “completely eliminate the addition of talc containing asbestiform fibers or other material known to contain asbestos.”  In addition to changing its manufacturing, Dixon Ticonderoga donated forty thousand  non-talc-containing Prang crayons to California Public schools. 

The Chanler Group’s client also reached other settlements with major manufacturers of crayons used by children throughout California, which mandated the reformulation of crayons to be free of asbestos as well as talc containing asbestiform fibers.

To review legal agreements which The Chanler Group's clients have reached with companies in this industry, please see the cases below.

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January 24, 2001
Out-Of-Court Settlement
Michael DiPirro and Binney & Smith, Inc. entered a Settlement Agreement on January 24, 2001, which resolved citizen enforcer DiPirro's allegations that Binney & Smith distributed and/or sold certain crayons containing asbestos and talc containing asbestiform fibers in the State of California without providing the requisite health hazard warnings. Under the...