Dr. Leeman's Ongoing Efforts to Protect the Public from Chemicals in Flame-Cooked Burgers

Posted: 07/31/2012  browse the blog archive

In early July 2012, Dr. Whitney Leeman, a client of TCG, began issuing Proposition 65 notices to restaurants and resorts selling flame-cooked burgers containing chemicals known to cause cancer. These efforts are a continuation of Dr. Leeman's ongoing work, which she commenced more than seven years ago, to reduce or eliminate toxins in flame-cooked burgers.

It was in late 2005 that Dr. Leeman began investigating risks to human health from cancer-causing chemicals found in flame-cooked hamburgers sold in restaurants. When meat is cooked over an open flame, chemicals classified under polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are emitted which are known to cause cancer and other reproductive/developmental health problems.

The Chanler Group represents citizen enforcers who, acting in the public interest,  enforce each citizen’s right to know when they are exposed to toxic chemicals found in consumer products sold in California and who hold companies accountable for unwarned exposures through imposition of civil penalties and injunctive relief, often requiring the removal of the offensive chemicals. Clients of The Chanler Group have issued dozens of Proposition 65 notices to manufacturers and retailers regarding the presence of toxic chemicals in their products that are sold in California without a warning.