environmental defense fund

March 27, 1992
In the enforcement action Environmental Defense Fund v. Tru-Test Manufacturing Co., the Honorable Stuart R. Pollak of the San Francisco County Superior Court entered a Consent Judgment on March 27, 1992.  In this matter, the not-for-profit organization Environmental Defense Fund (“EDF”), represented by Cliff Chanler, alleged that the defendant Tru-Test...
Methylene Chloride
April 2, 1992
Eight months after quitting big-firm law, Clifford Chanler is making his mark as outside counsel for environmentalists. If the creators of Shannon’s Deal – the defunct television show about a big-firm attorney who chucks it all to champion the little guy – wanted to revive the series with a 1990’s environmentally-correct twist, they might consider...
In the News
March 16, 1992
Environmentalists have forced four companies to pull a line of paint strippers that contain a carcinogen. Critics say they are pushing the state’s toxics-control law beyond its intended uses. In a display of Proposition 65’s power, four companies have agreed to pull a line of carcinogen-containing paint strippers out of California rather than face prosecution by...
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