Ingersoll-Rand Company

May 15, 2003
A Consent Judgment in the DiPirro v. Ingersoll-Rand Company, et al. matter, heard in the Alameda County Superior Court, was entered on May 15, 2003. The Consent Judgment resolved citizen enforcer Michael DiPirro's allegations that the defendant Ingersoll-Rand Company sold power tools whose customary use and application produce dust containing lead, arsenic, chromium or...
Power Tools
July 29, 2013
The Consent Judgment that was executed on July 29, 2013 resolved whistleblower Peter Englander’s allegations against the defendant Ingersoll-Rand Company (“Ingersoll-Rand”).  The enforcement action Englander v. Ingersoll-Rand Company resolved Englander’s assertions that Ingersoll-Rand sold vinyl coated steel cables containing the phthalate chemical...