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July 9, 2015
The parties involved in the case Moorberg v. The Lincoln Electric Company, et al. executed a Consent Judgment on July 9, 2015.  In this matter, citizen enforcer Mark Moorberg alleged that The Lincoln Electric Company (“Lincoln”) and J.W. Harris Company, Inc. (“JW”) (collectively, “Settling Defendants”) sold pliers with vinyl/PVC grips...
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DEHP, Lead
December 26, 1995
A Consent Judgment in the As You Sow v. J.W. Harris Company, Inc., et al. matter, heard in the Marin County Superior Court was entered on December 26, 1995. The Consent Judgment resolved private enforcer As You Sow's allegations that the defendant J.W. Harris Company, Inc. ("JW") sold solvents containing toluene, methylene chloride, nickel, cobalt, chromium and...