Navajo Manufacturing Company

August 6, 2013
Citizen enforcer Russell Brimer’s allegations against settling parties Navajo Manufacturing Company (“Navajo”) and CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (“CVS”) were resolved on August 6, 2013, when the parties entered into an out-of-court Settlement Agreement. In this matter, Brimer alleged that Navajo and CVS sold tools with grips containing the heavy metal lead...
Hand Tools
DEHP, Lead
March 5, 2010
On March 5, 2010, the Los Angeles County Superior Court entered a Consent Judgment in Held v. Navajo Manufacturing Company, which resolved citizen enforcer Anthony E. Held, Ph.D., P.E.'s allegations that the defendant Navajo Manufacturing Company ("Navajo") sold children's soft sporting balls, party favors/squeeze animals, soft eyewear cases, and eyewear...
DEHP, Lead