September 15, 2014
 The parties involved in the enforcement action Brimer v. TracFone Wireless, Inc., et al. executed a Consent Judgment on September 15, 2014, which resolved citizen enforcer Russell Brimer’s allegations that the defendants TracFone Wireless, Inc. and Strax Americas, Inc. (collectively “TracFone”) sold headset cords containing the phthalate chemical di(2-...
Peripherals & Accessories
March 22, 2013
Whether it's a false lighter to wave at a concert, a directional compass, or getting the latest updates from The New York Times, there is, in fact, an app for that.  As it turns out, there's also an app for keeping up with the latest food, auto, and consumer products recalls.  In fact, there are several. Recalled! and RecallWatch are both lightweight,...