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In eight cities across the country, The Chanler Group, on behalf of the citizen enforcers and other whistleblowers it represents, seeks to uncover toxic chemical exposures and government fraud in our everyday lives, to hold those entities responsible for such violations of state and federal law accountable to the public, and to effectuate change for a cleaner environment.

To arrange an interview or to request information regarding The Chanler Group or one of our cases related to Prop 65, CPSIA, False Claims Act or Renewable Energy, please contact our manager of media relations.

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September 12, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Furniture Today: Swedish home furnishings giant Ikea has filed an out-of-court settlement in a Proposition 65 complaint with law firm The Chanler Group. The Chanler Group is a professional Prop 65 litigant. Its complaint with Ikea covers changing pads. The settlement was listed on the California Attorney General's website.  To settle all claims, Ikea agreed to pay $60,000 in civil penalties. Of that, 75% goes to California Office of Environmental Health... full text
June 3, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Prop 65 Clearinghouse: Tris itself was listed as a Prop. 65 carcinogen in October of 2011 over the objections of the chemical industry. The warning requirement for products containing Tris became effective in October of last year. OEHHA subsequently established a safe harbor level (No Significant Risk Level) for Tris exposure of 5.4 micrograms per day on October 9, 2012 [see OEHHA Proposes NSRL for TDCPP, July 2, 2012]. The Chanler Group, on behalf of its Prop. 65... full text
May 17, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Prop 65 Clearinghouse: A Sacramento Superior Court judge has granted the Attorney General's request to dismiss a complaint by three clients of The Chanler Group arguing that the AG's regulation requiring Proposition 65 private plaintiffs to serve the AG with a proposed settlement at least 45 days prior to the motion to approve the settlement violates the state Constitution. The decision, in Held v. Harris, by Judge David Brown dismisses the action... full text
May 10, 2013
Cliff Chanler, the founder of The Chanler Group, was featured in Bay Area TV station KTVU’s news report about a possible overhaul of Proposition 65. California State Assemblymember Mike Gatto recently introduced Assembly Bill 227 (“AB 227”), a bill aimed at providing certain small businesses allegedly in violation of Proposition 65 a 14-day “cure” period during which they can correct the violation.  A dramatically revamped version of the bill passed the... full text
May 8, 2013
Excerpted from full article at KQED: In 2011, the most recent year listed on the attorney general's website, attorneys reached settlements with business owners in 338 cases alleging Proposition 65 infringement, resulting in just under $12 million in attorneys fees. Sixty-one of those cases were filed by one man, Russell Brimer, a client of the Chanler Group, a law firm with offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as well as on the East Coast. Josh Voorhees, a spokesman... full text
April 25, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Prop 65 News: Proposition 65 citizen enforcers Peter Englander, John Moore,  and Laurence Vinocur since February, have served more than 150 sixty-day notices of violation on furniture manufacturers, distributors and retailers alleging the presence of flame retardants TDCPP and TCEP (Tris) in their products.  TDCPP was added to the list of chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer in October 2011 by the state's Carcinogen... full text
April 19, 2013
Excerpted from full article at mfrtech.com: On behalf of its clients, The Chanler Group has also filed lawsuits against nine major manufacturers and retailers, demanding action be taken to properly label their products in compliance with California's Proposition 65. The lawsuits come after previously served Sixty-Day Notices of Violation expired without being enforced by public prosecutors. Companies facing lawsuits include Officemax Inc., Ross Stores Inc., and Kinwai USA. The Chanler Group... full text
April 18, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Furniture Today: Proposition 65 legal firm The Chanler Group says it plans to publish a list of furniture manufacturers that have come up "clean" in testing for toxic flame retardants. The Chanler Group has served more than 100 sixty-day notices of violation on furniture manufacturers alleging the presence of the flame retardant chemicals TDCPP and TCEP in their products, according to Clifford Chanler, founder of The Chanler Group. Thus far in 2013,... full text
April 18, 2013
Excerpted from the full article at the Environmental Leader: OfficeMax, Ross Stores and Kinwai USA are among the nine manufacturers and retailers that law firm The Chanler Group is suing under California’s Proposition 65. The group has also served more than 100 violation notices on leading furniture manufacturers and retailers, including Ashley Furniture, Best Buy, Costco, Kohl’s, Pier 1 and the TJX Companies, alleging the... full text
April 9, 2013
Excerpted from full article at Prop 65 News: Citizen enforcer Whitney Leeman, Ph.D. has filed three Proposition 65 enforcement actions against prominent national food suppliers in San Francisco Superior Court.  Named in the lawsuits are spice and flavoring manufacturer McCormick & Company, Inc., coffee and flavoring manufacturer Farmer Bros. Co.; as well as Adams Extract & Spice, LLC.   The complaints allege the defendants have distributed food extracts, flavors and colorings... full text