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In eight cities across the country, The Chanler Group, on behalf of the citizen enforcers and other whistleblowers it represents, seeks to uncover toxic chemical exposures and government fraud in our everyday lives, to hold those entities responsible for such violations of state and federal law accountable to the public, and to effectuate change for a cleaner environment.

To arrange an interview or to request information regarding The Chanler Group or one of our cases related to Prop 65, CPSIA, False Claims Act or Renewable Energy, please contact our manager of media relations.

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April 14, 1993
As You Sow filed a lawsuit accusing 14 major cosmetic companies of failing to warn consumers that their nail polish contains potentially unsafe levels of a toxic chemical that causes birth defects. As You Sow seeks to force these companies to place warnings on their products identifying use of toluene, which listed as toxic under California's Proposition 65. "This chemical is known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Women deserve to be warned... full text
April 13, 1993
As You Sow sued major nail polish makers Revlon Inc, Procter & Gamble Co, Chesebrough-Ponds' U.S.A. Co., Elizabeth Arden and Max Factor & Co. for violating state law by not informing consumers, especially pregnant women, of the dangerous side effects of inhaling nail polish fumes containing toluene. This chemical is listed by the state as a reproductive poison and is a key ingredient in nail polish. full text
March 23, 1993
Thousand of caged rats, mice, and other rodents are used to test common environmental and household chemicals in order to identify potential health hazards and assist in setting Federal regulations. But now animal-studies are experiencing doubts about their validity and worth in regards to human effects. So much evidence has uncovered that chemicals frequently have wholly different effects in animals and humans, that officials throughout Government and industry often do not act appropriately. full text
January 17, 1993
Ten leading ceramic dish manufacturers have agreed to reduce the amount of lead used in the production of their dishes and also institute a warning label to alert consumers of china patterns that pose health hazards. Lead is associated with hypertension and known to cause birth defects along with other reproductive disorders. Stores that sell the dishes are required to have warning signs explaining that the dishes will expose the user to lead. Manufacturers agreed to reduce the lead in dish... full text
January 16, 1993
Ten major manufacturers of china dishes have settled a consumer protection lawsuit filed by the state, agreeing to pay $2.3 million for not adhering to Prop 65 and warning consumers about the lead content in their tableware. This settlement is the largest award under Proposition 65. The ten companies also promised to reduce the lead content in their products by 50-percent over the next five years and are required to pay $1 million to create a public education fund to finance a lead safety... full text
April 2, 1992
Eight months after quitting big-firm law, Clifford Chanler is making his mark as outside counsel for environmentalists. If the creators of Shannon’s Deal – the defunct television show about a big-firm attorney who chucks it all to champion the little guy – wanted to revive the series with a 1990’s environmentally-correct twist, they might consider the case of Clifford Chanler. It’s a story line with sure-fire appeal to the young and distressed of the downtown... full text
March 25, 1992
In a series of lawsuits brought under Proposition 65, three paint stripper manufacturing companies were forced to warn customers of the potential cancer risk of the toxic chemicals used in their production or to stop distributing the products in California. The multitude of lawsuits against violating manufacturers have resulted in the removal of methylene chloride and the introduction of alternative products that do not contain cancer causing ingredients. full text
March 20, 1992
For the first time, a state appeal court has upheld the ruling of California trial judges to require warning labels on food products. In the case Consumers Union v. Alta Dena Certified Dairy, the judge accused the defendant of false advertising and unfair business practice laws, ordering them to warn consumers that raw milk poses severe health risks. full text
March 16, 1992
Environmentalists have forced four companies to pull a line of paint strippers that contain a carcinogen. Critics say they are pushing the state’s toxics-control law beyond its intended uses. In a display of Proposition 65’s power, four companies have agreed to pull a line of carcinogen-containing paint strippers out of California rather than face prosecution by environmentalists under the state’s toxics-control law. Under settlements with the Environmental Defense Fund that... full text