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In eight cities across the country, The Chanler Group, on behalf of the citizen enforcers and other whistleblowers it represents, seeks to uncover toxic chemical exposures and government fraud in our everyday lives, to hold those entities responsible for such violations of state and federal law accountable to the public, and to effectuate change for a cleaner environment.

To arrange an interview or to request information regarding The Chanler Group or one of our cases related to Prop 65, CPSIA, False Claims Act or Renewable Energy, please contact our manager of media relations.

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April 1, 2008
Excerpted from the full length article in Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: California Attorney General Jerry Brown and Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo are pushing forward a $2 million court settlement with The Coca-Cola Company that includes what is apparently the largest single penalty payment in the history of Proposition 65. The deal awaiting approval by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge also requires Coke to take steps aimed at reducing the potential threat from Mexican-produced soda... full text
November 23, 2007
Excerpted from the full length article in Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: A Sacramento Superior Court judge has approved a settlement calling for Burger King Corporation to install new broilers to purportedly reduce customer exposure to certain cancer-causing chemicals from its hamburgers. Judge Shellyanne W.L. Chang’s November 8 endorsement of the Proposition 65 deal between the giant fast-food company and plaintiff Whitney R. Leeman also put to rest a spirited dispute in which Attorney General... full text
June 11, 2007
Excerpted from the full article at the New York Times:In the traditions of the Old West, California deputizes bounty hunters to help enforce its environmental laws. But these deputies, who get to keep a quarter of any penalties they recover for the state, carry briefcases rather than pistols, and their critics say their tactics amount to legalized extortion. All it takes to win a settlement from a private company is a little research — to identify even a trace amount of a toxin in, say,... full text
July 15, 2006
Excerpted from the full length article in Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: Proposition 65 settlements in 2005 declined substantially compared to the year before but were stronger than in previous post-SB 471 periods, figures released recently by Attorney General Bill Lockyer show... Clients represented by veteran Proposition 65 litigator Clifford Chanler or his law firm, Hirst & Chanler, accounted for the largest share of the 2005 settlement amounts. Plaintiffs Michael DiPirro, Whitney Leeman and... full text
June 22, 2006
Excerpted from the full length article in Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: Following up on two 60-day notices sent in February, Whitney Leeman has filed a complaint, Leeman v. Burger King, in Sacramento County Superior Court against fast food restaurants that allegedly sell flame broiled hamburgers containing polyclci aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Leeman claims that Burger King and Carl’s Junior failed to warn customers of the carcinogens present in the cooked meat. PAHs– made up of seven... full text
November 15, 2005
Excerpted from the full length article at Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: A meat industry attempt to get a state court to declare that Proposition 65 warnings on beef would be barred by federal law should be tossed out as a strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP), argues attorney Clifford Chanler in a new filing in the case. The industry’s San Diego Superior Court lawsuit “is expressly aimed at preventing Dr. [Whitney] Leeman from petitioning the courts in connection with a... full text
September 15, 2005
Excerpted form the full length article in Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: With the latest group of 60-day notices from Russell Brimer and Whitney Leeman, clients of Prop. 65 Connecticut-based attorney Clifford Chanler, have put them way ahead of other plaintiffs in filing notices this year. Together they have filed 146, leaving the other plaintiffs in the dust. The closest other plaintiff is Consumer Defense Group with 64, and coming in third is Environmental World Watch with a mere 26. The rest of the... full text
September 15, 2005
Excerpted from the full length article at Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: While the rest of us were lounging at the beach working on our tans, Prop. 65 plaintiffs Russel Brimer and Whitney Leeman were as they say, making hay while the sun shined. In nine cases settled since July they have received $358,499. This amounts to $91,800 in penalties, of which they get to keep a $22, 950. Connecticut-based attorney Clifford Chanler and two law firms that work with him, Marin County-based Paras Law Group and... full text
August 22, 2005
Excerpted from the full article at Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: At end of summer, a flurry of 60-day notices were sent by Proposition 65 plaintiffs Russell Brimer and Whitney Leeman. Both are represented by Connecticut-based attorney Clifford Chanler. The 30 new notices and two amended letters were sent to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of painted glass and ceramic ware. Although Brimer and Leeman have filed 266 notices over the last four years (152 since 2004 for Brimer, and 114 since... full text
November 1, 2004
Excerpted from the full length article at Prop. 65 Clearinghouse: An Orange County landfill long used for the disposal of oil drilling and other wastes-- and the site of an abandoned well blow-out earlier this year—is at the center of an unusual Proposition 65 struggle. So far, the defendants, which include oil, chemical, and aerospace companies, have largely succeeded in fending off a lawsuit filed by the Consumer Defense Group Action, represented by Irvine attorney Anthony Graham.... full text