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In eight cities across the country, The Chanler Group, on behalf of the citizen enforcers and other whistleblowers it represents, seeks to uncover toxic chemical exposures and government fraud in our everyday lives, to hold those entities responsible for such violations of state and federal law accountable to the public, and to effectuate change for a cleaner environment.

To arrange an interview or to request information regarding The Chanler Group or one of our cases related to Prop 65, CPSIA, False Claims Act or Renewable Energy, please contact our manager of media relations.

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April 15, 1996
Excerpted from the full length article: As You Sow, a Bay Area environmental public interest foundation, filed suit against Ashland Chemical for violations of the California Toxic Enforcement Act (Prop 65), Cal OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard (HazCom) and the Unfair Trade Practices Act. The San Francisco Superior Court approved a $1.1 million settlement for the case. "This settlement assures that California workers and consumers will receive clear notice of the health hazards... full text
October 31, 1995
The San Francisco based group As You Sow, led by attorney Clifford Chanler, has received an award of substantial attorneys' fees from a San Francisco Superior Court judge as result of two successful cases under Proposition 65. As You Sow received over $48,000 of total fees and costs for preparing and moving forward with a case prosecuting The R.J. McGlennon Company for selling paint containing toluene without the required Prop. 65 warning. McGlennon settled the case and agreed to label... full text
October 25, 1995
A superior court judge has awarded As You Sow nearly $215,000 in attorney's fees and costs in a long-lasting fight with a paint manufacturer. Additionally, Judge Stuart Pollak rejected defendant Cotter & Co's request for reimbursement of their $53,000 in fees to "protect public interest" against the case. "This is an absolute endorsement of the critical role AYS has played in enforcing this toxics law against the chemical industry," said As You Sow attorney,... full text
March 1, 1995
As You Sow prosecuted major manufacturers of automobile paint for violation of California's toxic-substances law, Proposition 65. The manufacturers agreed to warn consumers that their products contained lead, cadmium and chromium, all of which are deadly chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects. The settlements require two of the largest manufacturers to remove the chemicals from their new paints. link to source. full text
March 1, 1995
As You Sow prosecuted thirty companies under  terms that the defendants failed to properly warn users about the dangers of toxins in their products, including adhesives and auto paints containing lead, cadmium and chromium. The thirty companies have agreed to stop introducing new products in California with these known toxics. As You Sow also won $1.2 million in penalties, assessments that go to environmental organizations to test for toxins, and reimbursement for the cost of the suits. As... full text
March 1, 1995
Historically, ceramic dishware has been coated with a glaze containing lead that can potentially be leaked into food, be consumed and may cause clinical lead poisoning. However, due to California's strict laws controlling toxic substances, the use of lead glazes in the industry has significantly dropped. More than 8,000 patterns are currently lead-safe. The Environmental Defense Fund, who have sued multiple major ceramic-ware manufacturers for this violation, issued the latest edition of... full text
February 28, 1995
As You Sow prosecuted California's auto paint makers for violation of Proposition 65, which requires warnings on products with toxic ingredients. The manufacturers have agreed to pay $1.2 million, keep lead and other toxic metals out of new paints, and place safety warnings on existing paint products sold to auto repair and remodeling shops. As You Sow has sued the Du Pont Company, PPG Industries, BASF, Akzo Nobel and 27 other paint companies in several countries for alleged violations of... full text
February 22, 1995
Prop 65, passed in 1986, requires warnings on household products if they expose the public to even minute amounts of chemicals linked to cancer or birth defects. But now the effectiveness of Proposition 65 and the science that underlies it are being challenged. Many legal and scientific experts argue that over the years the law has caused certain hazards to be exaggerated and the public has been misled. link to site. full text
January 24, 1995
In the largest analysis of birth defects undertaken, California officials discovered that despite increases in prenatal care and screening programs, birth defects in the state have not declined. full text
March 17, 1994
Sherwin-Williams Co. has agreed to pay a $1-million fine for failing to warn consumers that its Krylon spray paints contain the toxic chemical toluene. The state attorney general's office and As You Sow filed separate lawsuits under the 1986 California law, which requires warning labels on products made with chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects, such as toluene. full text